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November, 2014 • Eric Published in New Book on Music and Prayer
I am honored to be among the many Jewish musicians and clergypeople who contributed to Music: Carrier of Intention in 49 Jewish Prayers, edited by Kimberly Burnham and Elizabeth Goldstein. The article I wrote for is titled "Ki Imanu Eil, God is With Us."
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Spring, 2013 • "Swingin' on the Tree of Life" on Acoustic Shabbat
Look for my jazz guitar rendition of Richard Silverman's "It Is a Tree of Life" (from Ripples) on Craig Taubman's forthcoming Acoustic Shabbat compilation album.
Pic coming Spring 2013
February, 2013 • "Ein Kamocha" on Ruach 5773
At the 2013 NFTY Convention URJ Books&Music released its latest biannual compilation of the latest Jewish contemporary hits. I'm honored that "Ein Kamocha" (from Ripples) was selected to be included!
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December, 2012 • Breakin' Records
On December 11, 2012, inside a hangar at Princeton Airport in Princeton, NJ, a total of 835 Chanukah menorahs were lit at the same time, setting an official Guiness World Record! As we waited for 4000+ candles to melt down, I got to lead the crowd in a raucous Chanukah song session. What fun!
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August, 2012 • "Return" on Craig n' Co's Jewels VIII
I'm very honored to appear for the first time on a production of Craig Taubman's Craig n' Co. "Return" (from Ripples) is among the pieces on Craig's 8th installment of High Holy Day music.
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August, 2012 • Eric Performs at NewCAJE 3
At NewCAJE 3, which took place at Montclair State University in NJ, I had the opportunity to perform with such young talented performers as Naomi Less, Jay Rapoport, and Noah Aronson. Click below to view YouTube clips of us performing "Return" and "Vocal Minority":


The highlight of the week however, was getting to accompany Sam Glaser as well as Kol B'Seder celebrating their 40th anniversary as Jewish rock's original Dynamic Duo! Such a thrill sharing the stage with such talented artists!
March, 2012 • Eric Meets Rosenthal!
While Artist-in-Residence at Temple Isaiah in Fulton, MD I got the unique opportunity to perform an intimate concert at the gallery of renowned artist Gary Rosenthal. What a talented and kindhearted guy!
December, 2011 • "Jazz of Ages" on Chanukah Compilation
URJ Books&Music has published a new compilation songbook+CD of contemporary Chanukah tunes called "Chanukah Today." In it you'll find my solo guitar rendition of the hymn "Rock of Ages." (originally found on my "Two Life" CD).
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August, 2011 • Eric Performs in Young Jewish Artist Showcase
At NewCAJE 2, which took place at American Hebrew Academy in Greensboro, NC, I had the opportunity to perform with such young talented performers as Max Jared, Jay Rapoport, Noah Aronson, "Miss Emily" Teck, and Alison Westermann. Click below to view a YouTube clip of us performing the title track to "Ripples." You can also catch me at a late-night "kumzits" (singalong) with the illustrious Sam Glaser, Rabbi Larry "Wherever You Go" Milder, and others.
April, 2011 • "Dayenu" on Passover Compilation
Transcontinental Music (a/k/a URJ Books&Music) has published a compilation songbook+CD of contemporary Passover tunes called "Seder Songs." In it you'll find my rendition of "Dayenu". It's the first song from the new "Ripples" CD to be published.
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October, 2010 • Eric's 3rd CD to Be Released!
Nearly four years after the release of Two Life, my 3rd CD, Ripples, came out in January, 2011. Listen to samples from the Player on the Home page. This one goes in a whole new direction than the others, complete with different producer and musicians. It was produced by Scott Leader (of Sababa) at Southwest Studios in Phoenix. You're going to love this CD!
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August, 2010 • Eric Teaches & Performs at NewCAJE
From August 1-4, 2010 the first reincarnation of CAJE (Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education) took place at Gann Academy in Waltham, Mass. I enjoyed meeting new colleagues, as well as reconnecting with old ones like Peri Smilow, Josh Nelson, Julie Silver, Mark Bloom, Rabbi Larry Milder, and Michael and Helene Kates (a/k/a The Baal Shem Tones).
July, 2010 • "Justice, Justice" in Social Justice Book
"Justice, Justice" (from Two Life is among two dozen songs in Tzedek Tirdof - The Social Action Songbook + CD from Transconinental Music Publications.
May, 2010 • "Lo Yisa Goi" on Meltzer Memorial CD
The Jewish world lost a gem when Steve Meltzer suddenly left us on April 7, 2009, a week after his 45th birthday. Transcontinental Music produced a memorial CD featuring his never-released recordings as well as selected tracks from friends, including yours truly.

All profits from the sale of this recording will go toward the Make It a Bridge Fund, which was established in Steve’s memory to provide scholarships to help aspiring song leaders attend Hava Nashira, the URJ’s annual music and song leading workshop held each summer at the Olin Sang Ruby Union Institute.
October, 2009 • Eric Komar: The Podcast
Wanna learn how I got started in music and Judaism, and hear some free music to boot? Listen to this hour-long audio podcast, produced by Steve Lubetkin. Steve runs a firm specializing in communications, public relations, and broadcasting.
March, 2009 • "We Are Sorry for These Things" on Shalom Israel
My song "We Are Sorry for These Things (The Children's Al Cheit)" appears on Transcontinental Music's compilation CD of children's Jewish holiday music, Shalom Israel. Featured on the recording is "Kol Han'shamah," the youth chorale of Temple Beth El, Hillsborough, NJ. Order your copy here!

ShalomIsrael CD
February, 2009 • "Justice, Justice" on Ruach 5769 CD
"Justice, Justice" was selected to appear on Transcontinental Music's latest installment of the Ruach series! It was released at the NFTY Convention in Washington , D.C. Don't own a CD? Click here and order a truckload today!

Ruach 5767 CD
August, 2008 • Eric Performs at CAJE 33
At the annual Jewish educator's conference, held in 2008 at the University of Vermont, I was selected to participate in "Songwriters in the Round," where I had the privilege of sharing the stage with super talented artists Todd Herzog, Ross M. Levy, and Sheldon Low.
August, 2007 • Eric Competes at CAJE Idol
At CAJE 32, which took place at Washington University in St. Louis, I advanced as far as the semi-finals in the Jewish version of the popular TV show. Click below to view YouTube clips, filmed and posted by Robin Shuler. Thanks, Robin!

February, 2007 • "Don't Give Up the Hope" on Ruach 5767 CD
"Don't Give Up the Hope," my solo guitar rendition of "Hatikvah," was selected to appear on Transcontinental Music's Ruach 5767! The fourth installment of the Ruach series was released February 16, 2007 at the NFTY Convention in Philadelphia. Don't own a CD? Click here and order a truckload today!
Ruach 5767 CD
January, 2007 • Two Life CD Release Party & Benefit Concert
On January 28, 2007 I ushered in CD #2 at Temple Beth-El in Hillsborough, NJ. I was accompanied by a band of talented friends: Steve Meltzer on guitar and back vocals, Kathy Gohr on bass and back vocals, and Dan Bivas on drums. Thanks to all of you who attended the benefit concert. You helped raise nearly $1,000 toward fighting pediatric brain cancer. More photos here.
August, 2006 • "Mi Chamochah" on Moment Mag CD
Moment Magazine's promotional CD The Moment Anthology, Vol. 2 included a specially production of my "Mi Chamochah" - A small children's chorus was added to the original version. Being a limited print product, the CD is presumably no longer available. Contact me directly if you'd like a copy of the special track.