KomarMusic FAQ [Home]

What is this and how did I get here?

This is Eric Komar's old domain that he used to use for photos, music, and information to distribute to his fans and friends. I waited for the domain to expire and purchased it. You probably got here either from following an old hyperlink, checking in on Eric with or without knowing his charges, or simply seeing what became of his website. Regardless, if you were looking for Eric Komar's website, you are in the right place.

So Eric doesn't own this anymore?

No, he doesn't.

Who does own it?

I do.

Why did you buy the domain? Why waste money on a random sex offender?

I had two main reasons for buying the domain. First, this domain is probably the only legacy object that will direct traffic back to Eric. Any article that mentions him in a positive light likely links to here, and anyone who follows that link will quickly be caught up to speed. I feel like this is an excellent way of informing anyone outside the loop of what happened. Second, I wanted to take away any temptation for Eric to restart where he left off once he is out of prison. He will be released probably in late 2022 assuming he has good behavior, and while I doubt he'd be foolish enough to get back into kid's music, he will likely return to music as a whole. I wouldn't blame him, considering his lengthy CV is essentially nothing but music, but this domain and this brand are too closely linked to his old life where he had a heavy involvement with children. Hopefully not being able to re-possess his domain, he will be forced into a complete adult-oriented rebrand of his image. I'd like to think Eric would come to this conclusion on his own, but it never hurts to be safe.

This just seems like a crude attempt at public humiliation. Does he really deserve that?

Eric was more than happy to humiliate people by viewing, distributing, and enjoying images and videos of them being abused as vulnerable children. He humiliated his friends and family by giving in to his desires instead of seeking help and betrayed them in the worst possible way. While it isn't the purpose of this, I think I can get away with humiliating him by highlighting his crimes.

I am his father/mother/partner/friend/goldfish and something on the site makes me uncomfortable.

First and foremost I am incredibly sorry for what happened, you are a victim and I have no interest in making your life any more difficult. Please use the Questions form on the home page and send me a message. As long as you provide a valid email address, I will get back to you with a clear subject line that should tell you where it's coming from. I am more than happy to make changes to the content of the site, or even his archive if need be to make your life easier. Just please be prepared to provide substantial proof of your relationship with Eric, don't make a removal request unless you're prepared to prove who you are.

I'm Eric.

Hi Eric, contact me via the Questions form if you'd like to speak with me.