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        KOMAR MUSIC IS ...

A.  Cool, Original Folk- and Jazz-Tinged Jewish Rock
B.  Engaging Songleading, Worship Leading, and Workshops
C.  Quality Music Typesetting and Transcription
D.  Individualized Guitar Lessons

E.  All of the Above!
Eric's New CD Todah Torah Is Here!

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"A Serious Talent!" – Sam Glaser  •  "A Class Act!" – Craig Taubman

For two decades singer/songwriter Eric Komar has shared his unique brand of invigorating and inspiring music at synagogues, JCCs, camps, Hillels, and conventions nationwide. His vast performance experience runs the gamut, from preschoolers to retirees, and his advanced guitar skills are recognized among the most prominent musicians in the field.

Eric's music has been described as "refreshing," "superb and hip sounding," "having a sophisticated pop sensibility," and "compelling and truly Jewish". His debut CD Notes from the Underground (2003) is noted for the rockin' "Mi Chamochah" and power-ballad for peace "Lo Yisa Goi." His second effort Two Life (2007) features special guests Peter & Ellen Allard and includes social action anthem "Justice, Justice." He ushered in 2011 with Ripples, on which you will find the High Holiday hit "Return" and a contemporary setting of "Dayenu." These and other tracks have been featured in Transcontinental Music's Ruach CD series and other publications, as well as on compilations from Craig Taubman's Craig n' Co. His long-awaited kids album Todah Torah was released in the Fall of 2013!

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